Professional Development

Through my experiences as an educator, I continue to develop as a lifelong learner. While it would be impossible to comprehensively discuss the full path of my continuing education, this page shows a representative selection of my professional development over the past few years. 

Educational Technology

As an instructional leader, I know that integrating a variety of education technology into students' classroom experiences can facilitate effective learning. Over the years, I've acquired working knowledge of both how to use educational technology in theory, and significant experience putting it into practice at a number of schools. 

Google Educator Level 1.pdf
Copy of STEM 1.pdf
Copy of STEM 2.pdf
Copy of STEM 4.pdf
Copy of STEM 3.pdf

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Instructional Leadership

In my role as an instructional leader, I understand the importance of fostering a deliberate approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Part of developing this process has been learning & implementing different schemas that educators from around the world have developed to foster diversity in the classroom and on campus. 

The Power of Diversity in the Workplace (UColorado Boulder).pdf
Diversity & Inclusion in Education (UGlasgow).pdf
Aboriginal Worldviews (UToronto).pdf

Lifelong Learning

In my role as an instructional leader, I believe that it's important to model lifelong learning. Part of that process, I believe, is studying widely. As a result, I've picked up a few courses that function as a grab-bag of different interests & points of focus. 

Finding Your Professional Voice_Confidence & Impact (Uuniversity of London).pdf
Orchestrating Whole Classroom Discussion (UPenn).pdf